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Romeoville Flag Football League (RFFL) is a flag football organization open to boys and girls age 5-16. There are no restrictions on residency, we are open to players from Romeoville and all of the surrounding communities. It’s a fast paced and exciting game where we emphasize fun as well as learning football basics and competitive spirit! Sign up today and find out what we’re all about!

Open board meetings the first and third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM at the Romeoville Recreation Center.

2015 Season in Review


Rick Spoerl

Rick Spoerl

Rick is the president of the RFFL and a coach.

Rick started as one of the original coaches in the inaugural 2007 season and has coached every season since.  The next season he became a commissioner and helped expand the league to two divisions, adding 8-10 to the 5-7 division.  For the 2010 season, Rick took over the Flag Director Board position and expanded the league again to include the 11-14 year-old division.  He is excited to continue to work with the new Romeoville Flag Football League and hopes that the league continues to improve and grow each season.


Rob Gura

Rob Gura

Rob is the Athletic Director for the Romeoville Flag Football League and is also a coach.

Rob has been active with the Romeoville Flag Football League since 2010, serving as both an assistant coach and a head coach. He has two sons playing in the league and will be coaching both in the 8-10 year-old and the 11-14 year-old divisions. Rob is looking forward to the 10th anniversary season and wants to help the league continue to grow and ensure that the players have an enjoyable season. While football is his first love, Rob also enjoys coaching baseball and basketball.



Eric Hlado

Eric Hlado

Eric is the Secretary for the Romeoville Flag Football League and also contributes to the league as a coach for multiple teams.

2016 will be Eric’s 3rd year as a coach for the league and it will be his first year as a board member. Eric has coached his two daughters and a son in previous years and looks forward to coaching them and watching them play flag football for years to come. Eric also coaches his three children in several other team sports. He strives to make youth sports fun and enjoyable for all while inspiring positive attitudes and good sportsmanship towards all involved.


Manny De La Rosa

Manny is the Fundraising Director for the Romeoville Flag Football League.


The Treasurer position is currently open.